Attributable Performance Marketing With Unmatched ROI

Acting as your in-house performance marketing team, we layer third-party proprietary data on top of your lead and revenue targets to cut wasted spend, exceed lead targets, scale revenue, and ultimately grow your business.

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SEO & SEM Expertise

Rush Ventures is a data-driven performance marketing agency focused on delivering complex SEO and SEM solutions.

Rush Ventures is a digital performance marketing agency with over ten years of success, generating hundreds of millions in revenue for businesses across a variety of industries. Rush Ventures is recognized as an industry leader in delivering enterprise SEO and SEM solutions consistently outperforming industry benchmarks.

As a Google Partner, Rush Ventures focuses on providing solutions that maximize your investment in digital and drive quantifiable results. With offices in Toronto, Canada and Managua, Nicaragua, Rush Ventures facilitates significant business growth by connecting, engaging, and converting audiences.

Creative Solutions For Driving Attributable ROI

Rush Ventures is not a typical performance marketing agency. Unlike most agencies, Rush Ventures outperforms industry benchmarks by leveraging third-party data integration, multi-touch attribution, and algorithmic-based budget management.

SEO Solutions

Rush Ventures’ platforms and solutions are highly efficient and deeply effective at delivering results to support increased ranking, traffic, lead, and revenue targets. By combining automation with SEO expertise, Rush Ventures leverages in-house writers and strategists to address Google’s demand for site topical authority based on data to achieve first-page rankings. It is this unbeatable combination of technology and the unparalleled depth of knowledge of our strategists that delivers exceptional results, setting us apart from companies that rely exclusively on automation.

SEM Solutions

Rush Ventures offers multi-touch, multi-channel Paid Marketing Solutions that are supported by custom integrations developed internally in Google Data Studio. What sets Rush Ventures apart is how the agency measures repeated audience exposure across multiple channels, leading to targeted conversion metrics. We utilize a ROMI / ROAS metric to evaluate marketing performance with clients that deliver final conversions through offline channels. Rush Ventures is a certified Google Partner in Search, Display, Video, Shopping, and Apps.

Analytics Solutions

Deep domain expertise in many products accross the Google ecosystem such as Google Analytics (both Universal and GA4), Google Tag Manager, Google Optimize, Google Data Studio, & Google Campaign Manager. Our internal data analytics experts have current experience working with 3rd party tracking platforms, integrating over 100+ APIS into our reporting. Our Analytics solutions are focused on building best in class analytics unique business intelligence reports.

Strategic Investment Audits

The breadth and depth of digital transformation initiatives are significant. Whether consolidating existing ecosystems of websites into new digital properties or acquiring and integrating sites across a spectrum of companies with discreet platforms and SEO strategies, Rush Ventures understands the complex challenges associated with these initiatives.

Our Culture & Values

We strongly believe in cultivating partnerships with our clients to help them grow and scale their businesses. Each of our partnerships is rooted in a deep sense of trust and mutual respect. We become your in-house marketing team and promise to meet your needs at every turn.

This is the same approach we take internally. We are committed to fostering a work environment that is nurturing, supportive, and free of judgment. Our goal is to support every Rush Ventures team member on their journey to do the most exciting work of their lives and to build fulfilling, successful careers.

Our Success Stories

We are committed to delivering exceptional results for organizations in need of rapid digital growth. No matter the size or industry of your company, we will leverage our cutting-edge methodology and seamless supporting processes to ensure you see exceptional results. Learn more about Rush Ventures’ creative, data-driven approach to marketing by checking out a recent case study.

Our Unique Approach

Our capabilities and processes represent a unique opportunity for your firm to achieve exceptional results from the first month we work together. With measurable, scalable, and attributable performance marketing, we’re the “in-house” agency partner your firm has been looking for. The secret to our, and your future success is based on: hiring the best digital marketing talent, layering on proprietary approach to digital marketing and data analysis, embedding our team within your organization, that’s the secret to our success and your future success.   

In depth maturity & domain expertise

Across the Google ecosystem, Rush Ventures is certified in Google Search, Google Display, Google Video, Google Shopping, and Google Apps. We also have extensive knowledge of dozens of SEO & Analytics tools. We will leverage our domain expertise to help guide your organization in choosing the right tools for your success.

Unparalleled talent & talent development

Rush Ventures’ willingness to embrace the global talent market has allowed it to harness industry leaders worldwide. Today, Rush Ventures comprises a team of data marketing experts and continues to source and attract key players. Our unique approach to sourcing and training also allows us to scale our team as demand requires.

Cutting-edge methodology & supporting processes

Rush Ventures has developed its methodology and supporting processes over the last decade, allowing the agency to design a unique, cutting-edge approach to delivering attributable performance marketing leveraging over 100 proprietary SOPs that have been tested on tens of millions in ad spend.

Unmatched client satisfaction

Rush Ventures serves as a long-term strategic partner to our clients thanks to our winning combination of unique methodology, maturity of processes, hands-on strategic leadership, and above all else, the success of our work in generating highly-valued results. Leveraging our team of world-class talent, we consistently outperform industry benchmarks.

Our Insights

Visit the Rush Ventures blog for insights and guidance regarding the latest important changes and implications occurring across the spectrum of SEM and SEO.

Clients We’ve Delighted

“From the first month that our partnership with Rush Ventures began, their unique approach has made a noticeable difference in my business’s growth. Their unwavering dedication and unmatched expertise are what sets them apart from all other digital marketing agencies. Their modern and data-driven approach to digital marketing has garnered some truly impressive results. Ultimately, Rush Ventures completely transformed our marketing strategy by introducing creative, proven SEO, paid ad, and analytics solutions, and I cannot recommend them enough.”

– Leslie Kellen

“I’ve worked with Rush Ventures on many projects, and they have never failed to deliver exactly what they promised – and more. They go above and beyond, exceeding my objectives and expectations, and are my agency of choice when colleagues ask for a referral. The sophistication of their methodologies and supporting processes coupled with their depth of maturity of domain expertise are what keep me coming back.”

Ami Moyal

“As our long-term agency partner, we can say with complete confidence that we truly consider the team at Rush Ventures to be extraordinary. They mean it when they say they become your business’s internal marketing team. They are truly a “plug and play” agency, and we couldn’t be happier with the results their team has achieved for us. From SEO to SEM solutions, I am confident in their ability to facilitate growth, turn challenges into results, and convert leads for any company.”

Gavin Lobo