Our Insurance Expertise

The Challenges

Insurance in Canada is one of the most competitive industries in which to generate leads. Making sure your agency or brokerage is at the top of those search results will ensure that you have a steady stream of new business. It is particularly hard to cut through the noise when all insurance websites adopt the digital marketing strategy of building out micro landing pages targeting every city in which they are looking to generate leads. To compete, taking a unique approach is crucial. We understand that. Enter the Rush Ventures solution.

Our Solution

Rush Ventures is dedicated to making sure your insurance agency or brokerage is at the top of search engine results so you enjoy a steady stream of new business. How do we do this, you may be wondering? Unlike our competitors, we build highly-targeted unique landing pages, leveraging data within the content to stand out. We also micro-target the terms bid on within Google Ads to cut wasted ad spend while developing topical authority through original insurance articles that make our clients the “go-to” resource in their region. Utilizing our 10+ years of experience in the insurance industry, Rush Ventures knows what works best and we deliver tangible results every time. For a digital marketing agency that specializes will meet the needs of your insurance business, Rush Ventures is here.

Our Results

+12,500 new keywords ranked on the first page of Google

+100% increase in YOY website visitors

-$115 CPL Reduction

80% growth in YOY Leads

Proven on over 20 insurance sites