Increasing Your Google Ads Conversion Rate

January 18, 2021

If you run a business, what you ultimately care about is increasing your conversion rate. Whether you do this through SEO, PPC, or even traditional advertising matters very little to you, as long as your conversion rate goes up.

What if you knew that Google AdWords could boost your conversion rate guaranteed?

In order for you not to waste your investment, and to see actual results, let’s look at some of the surefire ways that Google AdWords can help you achieve your business’s needs.

1. Understand what the consumer needs, and work backwards from that point. Rather than building your AdWords campaign from the start, build it instead from the end. Figure out what result you want to achieve, whether it’s consumer engagement, brand awareness, conversion increase, and so on. This way, it’ll be easier for you to hit your target, because you’ll have deduced the steps necessary to get to it. Let’s say your goal is to get hundreds more email subscriptions. Running a local campaign might not be the best option in that case, as it would focus on local connections. Instead, you may want to heavily integrate email extensions into your PPC ads, to ensure that you’re getting those valuable emails.

2. Remarketing can help you bring back those consumers that drifted away. Very often, one visit to a website is not enough for a consumer to convert immediately. They’ll usually look around elsewhere first, and might return afterwards. Remarketing helps you get those consumers that either choose not to return, or forget to return. Remarketing works best when you include some kind of offer in the advertisement, to entice the consumer to purchase from you. Even if you run a basic remarketing ad without offers or discounts, there’s still a high chance it might push consumers back towards your site.

3. Your Landing Page is an enormous factor in how effectively your ads convert consumers. When they click on your advertisement, they’re brought over to your landing page. If your landing page is slow, or not optimized, or heavily cluttered, they’ll just click back and look elsewhere for products, and that hurts your conversions. The landing page, along with the website, should be aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate. The closer it is to this, the higher the chance of conversion.

4. The next most important thing after your landing page is the ad copy itself. Because it takes one click to lead from the ad to the landing page, consumers associate the two together. If both contain different information, you may be seen as unreliable, or even worse, as spam. Your ad copy should directly relate to what’s on the landing page, otherwise you may find Google giving you a relatively low quality score. Think about it from the perspective of the consumer; when they visit your landing page, what do they think? What connection do they see to the ad? Does it make them want to buy?

5. Keyword grouping can play a huge part in the visibility of your ad, as well as in the ease of use of your AdWords campaign. When you group your keywords, it helps you track your campaign more easily, along with its budget and bidding strategies. Also, by organizing your campaigns into keyword groups, you can create ad groups. Ad groups are different ads that have similar goals, broken down into groups. These allow you to change up your campaign easily and whenever necessary, all without starting a brand new one. It’s easiest when you keep these ad groups small, so that you can quickly navigate between them.

6. Negative keywords can play as big a role in your campaign as your positive keywords, because they can save you money and unnecessary clicks. These are keywords for which your ad won’t show up because they’re unrelated to what your goal is. If you’re selling shelving units, a negative keyword to include would be ‘free shelving units’. People searching this are better off looking on marketplace sites, and keeping them away from your website won’t result in any loss to you. In fact, it will save you the money that you paid to have your ad displayed.

When running an AdWords campaign, most of the work that you put in comes at the very beginning. It may take some tinkering with all the bells and whistles of Google AdWords, but it will ultimately help you create an effective campaign that uses your entire investment, while getting rid of unnecessary clicks and lowered conversions. The sooner that you start with AdWords, the sooner you’ll see your business improving!

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