Our Culture

We prioritize building the best team so that we can serve the best organizations. Learn more about the values our team lives by.

We are committed to delivering customized digital marketing solutions that help you grow your business. Our relationships with our clients are rooted in trust, as we become their in-house marketing team. You can rely on the Rush Ventures team for all your digital marketing needs.

Similarly, we aim to foster an internal workplace environment centred on trust, respect, and professionalism. We hire top talent worldwide and support each team member on their individual career journey. We want to help you do the most exciting work of your life.

Our Mission

To scale companies to create growth opportunities for talented people around the world.

Our Vision

To partner with as many companies as possible, transforming their digital marketing strategies and helping them grow their online presence.

Our Purpose

With every single opportunity that we take on, we keep partnership, collaboration, and teamwork at the heart of everything.

Why choose us

Why we’re different

We treat our clients as partners

We aim to cultivate long-term relationships with our clients that are built on trust so we can achieve success together.

We create opportunities for talented people across the globe

We create job opportunities that allow impassioned individuals to learn and grow not only professionally but personally.

We prioritize the well-being of our employees

As we grow, we never lose sight of what’s most important – our team. The well-being of our employees is first, work-life balance is vital to fostering a loyal and motivated team.

We provide strong, transformational leadership

We aim to unite our team members around a single vision, empowering them with the training, education and tools they need to reach their full potential.

We have a team of top digital marketing experts

We have a winning formula when it comes to hiring team members. All hiring decisions are based not only on skills and experience but also on ambition, shared values, and willingness to learn whatever it takes to unlock success for Rush Ventures and our clients.

Who we are

Core Values

We Are Innovative

We encourage our team to always be curious and problem-solve creatively. We set ourselves apart and surpass our clients’ expectations by letting innovation guide our strategies.

We Are Nurturing

We believe true greatness comes from unlocking each other’s potential. That’s why we encourage our team’s professional growth by hiring the best talent and providing them with the space to grow. We want each of our team members to feel fulfilled in their jobs daily and help them accomplish their larger career goals.

We Are Collaborators

We are collaborators by nature, which is why we become our clients’ trusted partner. When you work with us, we become your in-house marketing team and as such, we promise to go above and beyond to ensure mutual success.

We Are Compassionate

We support and learn from our team members and genuinely care about each other’s work and well-being. We foster an inclusive environment where open communication, collaboration, honesty, and accountability are prioritized.

We Are Honourable

Open and honest communication with our partners is at the heart of Rush Ventures. Our principles are unwavering and we bring a sense of professionalism, respect, and expertise to our partnerships.

We Are Determined

Our partners trust us to deliver exceptional results, and we take that responsibility seriously. We are committed to understanding our clients’ needs so we can find the best solutions that add the most value to their businesses.

We Are Accountable

We take ownership of the quality of our work. We are responsible for our own time and resources, have pride in what we deliver as a team, and take initiative to guarantee the success of our partners.

Our Principles

How We Manifest Our Core Values

We Put People First

We work daily toward building an environment where every employee feels valued and recognized for their contributions. We want each team member to feel like their work is rewarding and going toward the bigger picture.

We Value Open Communication

We want our team members to feel free to come forward with any concerns or feedback they might have so we can come up with solutions and keep improving together. We highly encourage them to communicate frequently with their co-workers and clients to build strong, positive relationships.

We Win Together

Our team members should work alongside our partners in creating effective and innovative strategies to grow their online presence and scale their businesses. When our partners succeed, we succeed!

We Never Stop Learning

From day one, we teach our employees how to apply their skills in their day-to-day activities and where to find the tools to do their job, and we are committed to always providing them with the resources to keep unlocking their growth. We expect our employees to take what they learn, apply it to be the best they can be at their job and actively seek out opportunities to continue learning.

We Encourage Independence

We expect our team members to avoid the traditional approach of simply asking for the answer and, instead, challenge themselves by digging deep into the resources, tools, and available information to find the best solution.

We Empower Accountability

We don’t believe in micro-management. We know our team members have the knowledge, skills, and lens to develop their own strategies for our partners. We provide them with the necessary resources to overcome any roadblocks so they can work independently, and we trust them to be accountable for their deliverables.

What You’ll Love About Us

Perks & Benefits

Flexible Office Space

We have offices in Toronto, Canada and Managua, Nicaragua that can be utilized at your leisure.

Rest & Unwind

You will benefit from paid vacation days, all Canadian statutory holidays, and time-off flexibility.

Work-Life Balance

We foster a work environment that respects your free time and life outside of work.

Birthday Perks

You never have to work on your birthday. Enjoy the day off plus a special gift from us.

100% Remote

Our team members are encouraged to work from wherever they want.

Peer-to-Peer Recognition

Get rewarded for your valuable contributions to the Rush Ventures team and our roster of clients.