Our Process

To achieve the best possible results, Rush Ventures employs a diversified media strategy that capitalizes on high-performance media properties.

Fluid Media Execution


The Rush Ventures dedicated Team optimizes the best-performing campaigns across all platforms. This is done through a process called Fluid Media Execution (FME). We implement creative, original, and data-driven digital media campaigns to generate sales through online channels. Prioritizing critical metrics like the conversion rate and the cost per conversion, we are dedicated to achieving the highest conversion rate at the lowest cost per conversion possible. Overall clicks and impressions are then used as a secondary metric for purchasing and optimizing your digital campaign. This strategy aims to drive superior results by avoiding “low cost, high volume” media tactics that generate very low post-click performance and may also be prone to click fraud and bot traffic.

Marketing Strategy

Developing An Angle / Offer

By identifying gaps in the market, we can look to craft a set of offers that we can use to promote different areas of your business. By creating a compelling marketing angle, we can capture the attention of qualified leads and convert them into customers.

Marketing Channels

We take the time to explore all possible marketing channels to ensure your campaigns experience as much high converting traffic as possible. We use customized campaigns to target consumers in market at the right time. 

Our Execution Process

Marketing Strategy

The initial planning phase where we identify key opportunities and gaps within the market, a market we’re intimately familiar with because of our experience managing tens of millions in marketig budgets.

Dedicated Account Management

Your firm’s dedicated strategist will then combine the marketing strategy with creative and copy to build out campaigns for ongoing testing using our proprietary Fluid Media Execution (FME) process.

Adaptive Creative & Copywriting

Our dedicated creative team will be here to develop eye catching creative and engaging ad copy that fits your brand image and converts into qualified leads.

Development & Tracking

We have a dedicated front-end developer and experienced in-house team members with tracking and analytics expertise, allowing us to monitor the performance and success of your campaigns.

Account Management


As a partner of Rush Ventures, you’ll can rely on your team of world-class marketing talent with extensive experience running successful SEM and SEO campaigns.

Social Ads (Facebook / Instagram)

Aside from SEO & SEM, your dedicated team has expertise and experience with running enterprise level FB Ad accounts and has a track record of producing results for clients in industries ranging from insurance, home improvement, & banking.

Adaptive Creative & Copywriting

Dedicated Designers and a Scalable Graphics Team

We at Rush Ventures pride ourselves on our ability to produce sleek ad creative, whether it’s for Google or Bing on their Display Networks or for social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. With a proprietary and proven process for building on-brand creative that seeks to build upon high-performing content for your ad campaigns, you will never have a shortage of ad graphics that push the envelope and generate extraordinary results.

Copywriters With Over 10 Years of Experience

As a digital marketing agency with experience writing tens of thousands of ads, and building thousands of landing pages, plus a unique background in working across a variety of industries on enterprise accounts, we will write compelling ad copy that brings in qualified traffic, and converts into new business.

Development & Tracking

Developers With Ad Tech Experience

Rush Ventures has an accomplished team of front-end developers that possesses a deep understanding of the PPC and SEO campaigns we run for our partners. Whether it’s developing or optimizing landing pages, setting up a RESTful API integrations, or automating the flow of lead delivery, we can help.

Comprehensive Tracking & Analytics

You can expect your dedicated Rush Ventures team to have comprehensive tracking and analytics skills relating to conversion tracking, innovative tools like Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, and more. This allows us to provide your company with accurate and measurable results that are backed by real-time data.

Regular touch points

Besides real-time transparency to the campaigns via customized dashboards, we will deliver weekly reports and will include total performance, insights, and consideration for future campaigns

Regular Meetings

Meetings are scheduled regularly and as needed with key team members. During these meetings, we will review ongoing campaigns, address any and all questions and concerns, discuss possible modifications and upcoming campaign planning, and consider new and emerging trends

Monthly Reviews

Monthly, we will regroup as a team to review the overall marketing strategy, making updates and modifications as necessary to reflect any changes to brand objectives or new trends.

Robust, ROI Driven Reporting

Our robust reporting process offers a 100% commitment to transparency to keep you updated on all your campaigns.

You will gain access to all reporting and can view the progress of media spend in real time. The reports are then tailored to your organization’s conversion funnel.

We guarantee weekly and monthly reporting through Google Data Studio, which uses third party analytics tools modelled after your business’s specific objectives.

After the launch of your campaign, our team will build out KPIs that are updated each quarter. Next, we integrate these into our reporting and refer back to it, ensuring that we are on track for the year and can make any adjustments as needed.