SEM Solutions

Rush Ventures offers multi-touch, multi-channel SEM Solutions that are supported by custom integrations developed internally in Google Data Studio. What sets Rush Ventures apart is how the agency measures repeated audience exposure across multiple channels, leading to targeted conversion metrics.

Organizations We've Delighted

Google Ads Solutions

Rush Ventures can develop and implement a successful PPC advertising campaign on your company’s behalf thanks to our Google Ads Solutions. We know the ins and outs of Google Ads, the leading PPC platform in the world (which also happens to be run by the leading search engine in the world). Harnessing the combined power of both Google and Google Ads, we can promote your business, increase website traffic, and introduce you to millions of consumers worldwide.

Microsoft Ads Solutions

Our expertise doesn’t stop at Google. We are experts in Microsoft Ad Solutions, which gives your business a competitive edge. Using Microsoft Advertising, we can take advantage of the platform’s unique capabilities and expose your business to Yahoo! and Bing users across the globe. We will closely monitor the progress of all Microsoft Ad campaigns to meet and exceed your paid marketing objectives.

We Will Increase Your Company's ROI

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"From the first month that our partnership with Rush Ventures began, their unique approach has made a noticeable difference in my business’s growth. Their unwavering dedication and unmatched expertise are what sets them apart from all other digital marketing agencies. Their modern and data-driven approach to digital marketing has garnered some truly impressive results. Ultimately, Rush Ventures completely transformed our marketing strategy by introducing creative, proven SEO, paid ad, and analytics solutions, and I cannot recommend them enough."

– Leslie Kellen

"I’ve worked with Rush Ventures on many projects, and they have never failed to deliver exactly what they promised - and more. They go above and beyond, exceeding my objectives and expectations, and are my agency of choice when colleagues ask for a referral. The sophistication of their methodologies and supporting processes coupled with their depth of maturity of domain expertise are what keep me coming back."

Ami Moyal

"As our long-term agency partner, we can say with complete confidence that we truly consider the team at Rush Ventures to be extraordinary. They mean it when they say they become your business’s internal marketing team. They are truly a “plug and play” agency, and we couldn’t be happier with the results their team has achieved for us. From SEO to SEM solutions, I am confident in their ability to facilitate growth, turn challenges into results, and convert leads for any company."

Gavin Lobo 

Paid Social Ads Solutions

Paid social media advertising is an essential component of any social media marketing strategy, falling under the umbrella of PPC marketing. Our Paid Social Ads Solutions are specially engineered to pinpoint and reach consumers with an established interest in your industry.

Retargeting Solutions

We bring your customers back. These customers have shown interest in your services but did not convert. Through sophisticated marketing tactics, we can implement a remarketing strategy and tagging structure to ensure you bring back the right consumer at the right time.

Our SEM Approach

The Rush Ventures approach gives your SEM campaign a true competitive edge


Set Objectives

We take the time to understand your unique paid marketing goals before setting clear objectives that define the lifetime value of each type of customer and outline the target cost per lead.


Research is a crucial element of our Paid Marketing Solutions. We conduct comprehensive keyword research, audience-building research, and competitor research to identify what’s worked and what hasn’t.


The execution phase is next, where we take our extensive research and build a successful marketing campaign tailored to your business. This phase also involves laying out a foundation for testing to facilitate the next phase.

Optimization & Data Analytics

The final Rush Ventures touch? The optimization phase, during which we use concrete testing data to optimize and develop more effective ads for your campaigns to improve overall performance!

SEM Insights