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Do you want to get started with SEO yet have no idea where to begin? If so, you aren’t alone because we speak to dozens of companies in your position every year. Rather than trying to take on the mammoth task yourself and potentially causing damage to your ranking, why not outsource the task to a professional, reliable, and trustworthy service like Rush Ventures?

When looking for SEO Barrie services, you’re likely to come across a number of different options so we’re going to explain why we’re the best option a little further down the page. First, we want to discuss the main misconceptions that exist with SEO. If you find yourself asking any of the questions below, we hope to help with these answers!

Isn’t It Just Keywords? – As a professional SEO Barrie service, this is something we hear frequently and this is probably due to the lack of information readily available for business owners in the area. In years gone by, Google would certainly rank pages depending on how many keywords they could fit into a page. When technology was still basic and there were loopholes in the system, companies would just fill a 500-word article with dozens of keywords even if it didn’t make sense.

Today, we live in a world where Google, Bing, and Yahoo! all have extremely advanced algorithms. If you want to succeed and reach the promise land of the first page, you need to learn how to use keywords, links, guest posts, useful content, and more. Of course, if you don’t want to learn, you can always hire experts (which is what we have at Rush Ventures!).

Keywords Are Useless Now, Right? – At the other end of the scale, we also hear people suggesting that keywords aren’t important with SEO since the new algorithms were released. To this, we say that keywords have always and will always play an important role in search engine optimization. Let’s not forget, keywords were at the heart of SEO when it was first introduced and the algorithms were built around keywords so they’re always going to be important.

While on this note, we should say that keywords have changed in recent years and perhaps this is what people allude to mistakenly. As well as the odd word or short phrase, we have ‘long-tail keywords’ which can be full questions and multiple words. As people type questions into Google or even speak them into their Amazon Echo device or Siri, long-tail keywords allow for the first page with these types of searches.

Can’t We Do It Ourselves? – To your surprise, we would actually answer this question with a ‘by all means!’. However, you need to be willing to invest significant portions of your time to not only learn how it all works but then learn how you can apply the techniques to appeal to your target audience. Just as the name suggests, there will be a lot of optimizing, creating content, assessing the analytics, and time-consuming tasks that take you away from your real work. If you want to concentrate on the more important things, like dealing with customers, we can take care of SEO on your behalf.

Don’t I Lose Control? – For us and our SEO Barrie service, we find it hard to hear questions like this because we don’t feel as though this is the case at all. For many years, we’ve been saying that all good SEO companies should work WITH you. Rather than taking control and leaving you in the dark about what they’re doing, they should be in communication with you at all times while discussing potential changes or improvements to the strategy. If you feel as though you’ve lost control of your business with an SEO service, you’ve probably chosen the wrong service.

SEO Isn’t Important, Is It? – If we finish with one of the biggest questions of all, you won’t be surprised to hear that we value SEO very highly indeed. With SEO, you have a natural form of growth that leads to sustainable success once you get onto the first page of search results. Rather than paying for every single click, you pay once to get onto the first page and then thousands will see your service every time they look for something you offer. In addition to this, you’ll also be writing genuinely useful content and attracting customers this way so it’s actually a multi-faceted approach.

As promised, we want to talk a little about our own service and why we excel in the market. Firstly, we believe in our service because we don’t just use the obvious tools available for SEO. While some might focus on the content and SEO alone, we look into the whole brand and how we can boost the brand in terms of exposure and performance. By looking at the bigger picture, we become unique and it all comes back to the word ‘sustainable’ again for growth.

What does this mean? For one thing, it means we can help with your social media profiles. If your brand is available on Facebook, Twitter, and others, we use this tool to drive traffic towards your website and generate interest. With consumer trust and brand authority, leads are generated regularly and you can improve the amount of conversions you see after optimizing the website. As you can see, it all comes together as a positive spiral. If we can improve one thing, it has a knock-on effect on something else and this continues until you have yourself a clear path from prospective customer to returning customer/friend of the company.

With Rush Ventures, you have a partner with experience and a passionate team. As we grow together, the strategy will optimize and we can keep adjusting to complete your goals one after the other!

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