Over the years, the internet and technology has seen a rapid rise and the future is only set to continue this theme. If you have high-quality products/services, this is certainly a fantastic start but it’s no longer enough to attract attention whether locally or on a global scale. If your business adapts to the changing market faster than anybody else, there’s an opportunity to grow and this is important to remember.

When looking for local businesses, Google believes that 97% of people search online before anywhere else. Perhaps more important than this, over half of this large portion then make their decision with one of the first five results. If you didn't realize the importance of SEO Burlington previously, we hope you do now because it could be the difference between failure and success this year and into next.

Burlington SEO - With our service, you’ll have access to some of the very best SEO experts in the area and we’re incredibly proud of our hard-working team. Regardless of your industry, from a hairdresser to an accounting firm, Rush Ventures will help you rise up the rankings and ensure your business is seen when people search for a service of your type. Although there are now more SEO Burlington services than ever before, not many can offer the experience and personalized service that we can.

SEO Packages - Ever since we started, we’ve been determined to design packages that could help absolutely everybody. Therefore, we always start with a complete assessment of your business, your target market, and what you want to achieve. By analyzing your business and existing online profile, only then can we create a plan of action.

Initial Stages - After choosing our SEO Burlington service, the first steps will be to alter your website structure, meta tags, code, title, content, and various other features. Rather than outsourcing the writing, we have a fantastic team of content writers to position your service as a unique one within the market.

Stage Two - Once the initial stage is over, we can then focus on offsite optimization which includes social media campaigns, high-quality links, blog posting, directory submissions, and more. These days, Google penalizes with small mistakes so we follow their own guidelines while always keeping you in a strong position.

In recent times, we’ve also had numerous businesses approach our SEO Burlington service to say that the Penguin or Panda updates have cost their business financially since they’ve fallen down the rankings. If you’re in this position, we urge you not to panic because it’s common. At Rush Ventures, we have the solution to bring you back to the fore.

Contact Us Today - When you choose to work with us, you’ll have a team who are dedicated and passionate about what they do. Every day, we work hard to position your business according to your overall goals. Whether you want help in the short-term or on an ongoing basis, please feel free to call today and you’ll reach one of our experts.

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