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This year, it seems as though SEO has continued to explode in terms of its importance for businesses. Despite already having solid footing, it’s still growing and we expect this to continue in 2018. If you need a high-quality, professional service to meet your needs, we can help!

Often, we hear businesses saying ‘well, we’re only a small company so it doesn’t really apply to us’ but this couldn’t actually be further from the truth. More than ever, consumers are searching online for local services and SEO will allow you to be the company they see whether you own a restaurant, hair salon, gift store, or a bakery. In Mississauga, competition is strong (you don’t need us to tell you!). With us by your side, we’ll focus on the most important keywords and bring results.

Have you ever thought about seeing your business on the first page of Google search results? Well, this isn’t impossible and an SEO Mississauga service will help you to get started. These days, local SEO is getting stronger so you don’t need to be a national business to take advantage of what’s on offer. If you need more information or have any questions, please continue reading and then get in contact with Rush Ventures to continue the discussion!

It’s More Than SEO Mississauga

Although we certainly provide a fantastic SEO service here at Rush Ventures, this isn’t where it ends because our main focus is on increased revenue and therefore increased profits for your company. Over time, we’ll work with you to optimize your lead generation and nurturing process as well as many other features.

Within this niche, the first thing you need is experience and it just so happens we have numerous clients ranking on the first page of their most important keywords; we can do the same for you. Although you’re welcome to risk a younger company, we believe our solution to be much quicker and more sustainable for the future too. Rather than getting to the first page for a week, you want to stay there for years and this is our aim.

According to Google, four out of every five people look online before using a service these days. When people in Mississauga look for a hair salon nearby, what happens when your name doesn’t show? They don’t know you exist and your competitors gain a large percentage of new customers.

Once you choose Rush Ventures, you make an investment because the return will come in the form of new customers. If you think it’s time to beat your competitors to the punch, fill in our online form and we’ll call or email as you wish. Just to let you know, we never work with multiple companies within the same niche so our focus will always be with you!

How Can You Benefit?

So far, we’ve spoken about us and why we’re the right choice for your business. However, you need to know how you’ll benefit so it starts with the customized approach. Rather than using a one-size-fits-all strategy (which normally fits absolutely nobody), we learn your business, your goals, and your customers before then creating a strategy. Ultimately, our goal will be to do whatever it takes to have you as the most prominent brand in your niche.

First and foremost, this comes through SEO Mississauga and you can benefit from the team of experts we’ve built in recent years. By improving your ranking online through the use of keywords, links, content, and other important steps, your brand gets more exposure.

After the SEO, we can also aid social media marketing, PPC marketing, online reputation management, and even web design. All the while, the focus will be on increasing exposure and improving your prominence within the market. As the traffic on your website increases, we can learn more about what works and what doesn’t and this is where the real improvement is seen. The more information we have, the more refined our work becomes.

With Google constantly changing its algorithms, it can be hard to know what they’re looking for but we take care of this on your behalf. Over the years, we’ve seen more Google changes than we could possibly list here but you don’t need to worry about it. These days, we know where they’ve come from and where they’re going which means you can concentrate on the more important parts of your business!

Why Choose a Professional Service?

Recently, we got asked the question of why anybody should invest in a professional service when all it takes is a few keywords to boost a ranking. In the past, we would struggle to come up with an answer but SEO and our expanded services are very different today. Below, we’ve listed a number of reasons why a professional service will be good for your business moving forward.


As mentioned previously, Google is always changing and you may not have time to keep up with the latest trends and the new algorithms. Of course, this is before we even consider the likes of Bing, Yahoo!, and other search engines. Every year, businesses waste hundreds of hours on tasks that can be outsourced for a cheaper fee. While we work away on your online presence, you look after the more important things (i.e. the things you hired your team for in the first place!).


With this task now outsourced to a knowledgeable service, you have free time and this leads to greater efficiency which has been the main aim for businesses all over the world for over 100 years. Suddenly, the extra time can be spent on communicating with customers, processing orders, or you could even save money on salaries. Either way, efficiency doesn’t always mean you have to do everything alone; often, it requires help.


While you might have some knowledge on what you need to do to improve your online profile, you won’t have the experience and strategy a professional service can offer. At Rush Ventures, we have detailed knowledge on what does and doesn’t work. Why should you have to go through a process of trial and error when companies like ourselves have already done the hard work for you? With experience, you also get an invaluable addition; the ability to overcome hurdles and find solutions.


With everything you need to do on a day-to-day basis, you don’t have time to be watching the competition to see what they’re doing. Fortunately, this will become our job so we can assess and attempt to cover them off whenever required. Rather than reacting to your competitors, you become the leader and the proactive business within the niche. For customers, this looks great.


Often, when companies consider outsourcing, they always think about losing a section of their business but this just isn’t the case. When you choose a reliable and trustworthy service, they’ll work with you. At different stages of the process, they’ll get in contact to keep you informed and the two of you can work together. For example, we want you to be a part of the decisions so we’ll teach you along the way while communicating whenever changes are made to the strategy.

No Contracts

While we’re on the topic of debunking myths, we don’t force you into signing a contract because we don’t feel as though we need to tie you down. Whenever a company requires you to sign a contract, this means they’re insecure about their services. For us, we want our success and our positive relationship to do all the talking so a contract isn’t required. Once the initial phase is over, we’ll be working together because we’re a good fit and not because a piece of paper says you can’t go anywhere else yet.


In addition to the communication we mentioned previously, we also offer a money report showing the growth we’ve created since the strategy was first implemented. All things considered, ethics are important for our business which also means we never conduct risky tactics or techniques that would be frowned upon in the industry. We want sustainable growth that lasts for many years to come so we work hard to make it happen rather than using a back door that has the potential to lead to trouble.


Finally, you choose to work with us for one reason and one reason only; results. At Rush Ventures, we’re passionate about what we do and we’re determined to see you succeed. Let’s not forget, we succeed when you do so our motivation is on creating the best strategy possible and then implementing it effectively. If you want to speak to any of our previous customers (there aren’t many because we’re still working with most of them!), they’ll tell you exactly the same.

More Than a Ranking

With SEO Mississauga and even inbound marketing, it’s fair to say the rankings are important because this decides whether or not people see your service online. However, it runs deeper than this and this is something many of our competitors forget. Sure, getting to the first page is great but this doesn’t mean a thing if the rest of your brand isn’t up to scratch. What happens when people visit your website and then leave immediately? Rankings are only half of the story.

While SEO Mississauga generates leads, your company’s website then needs to seal the deal and this is the other half (and the reason why we offer more than just SEO services!). Simultaneously, we work on climbing the rankings and making sure the website is in a position to generate sales once the traffic arrives. With web design and advice regarding content, we can help with this.

SEO in 2018

Where is SEO heading in 2018? Over the years, we’ve already seen many changes with the way Google evaluates a website before then giving a ranking. For some time, it was easy because the search engine would look for keywords and see which pages uses them the most. If you could have your keyword listed eleven times, no matter how random or dysfunctional, you would reach the first page. Today, it’s a very different process.

For Google, they need the most relevant and useful websites to show first. If somebody uses Google, clicks on the first result, and has an answer to their question, the search engine has done its job. Therefore, search engines now look for pages that provide the best experience. Despite the false claims that keywords are no longer important, they helped to build the first algorithms and SEO was built around keywords so they will always be important. This being said, there are other factors to consider such as outbound links, inbound links, images, page performance, page speed, etc.

In the last couple of years, you might have seen the increase in popularity of PPC (pay-per-click) marketing and this has been great. For a small fee, you can show right at the top of relevant searches and you only pay if the user clicks on the ad. Sadly, however, this does nothing for your long-term success. As you saw when listing our services, we do help with PPC marketing because we believe it excels when trying to get your name out there, launching a new product, rebranding, or whenever you have something to tell. For sustainable success, you need to be high on the search rankings and this comes from SEO Mississauga.

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