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Whether you have experience in building a website or not, you probably know that the ranking process for Bing, Yahoo!, and Google isn’t random. If you type the same phrase into Google fifty times, you would get the same results every single time because they don’t just pull names from a hat. Instead, they rank every single website on the internet according to how relevant they are for what the user is searching.

With this in mind, how do you get to the first page of search results? Well, the main option you have is to work on your website and make it more valuable for each keyword. By using keywords within your content as well as links and all sorts of other techniques, you become more and more relevant until you provide the best experience for users. Let’s not forget, Google has the single aim of answering the question of the user. Therefore, they rank the websites that have the best chance of providing an excellent experience above all others.

How do we improve your website?

In truth, we can’t provide you with a direct answer right now because we always assess the business first as well as learning their aims within the market and the industry itself. Once we know your position, we can then create a strategy judging by what needs the most attention. This being said, we can give you an insight into our services and where we help.

If you’re a local business, you can benefit just as much as international businesses and this is because Google has worked very hard on this side of their search engine in recent years. When the locals type a query into Google, such as ‘local restaurant’ or ‘garage in Oakville’, they’ll be shown a list of local businesses who can help so our aim will be to get your name into this list.

Of course, keywords have been a big topic of conversation for many years now and they still play an integral role for every website and their ranking on the search engine. After updating your content, we’ll start working towards new content and show you how to increase the value of the content you produce through link building, copywriting, and more.

As we partner with you, we assess all aspects of your brand so we’re always in the best position to make improvements. Even with little things like your page speed, visitors will be put off by pages taking too long to load so we’ll do all we can to work towards a fix. By reducing the loading times of all pages, the likelihood of losing visitors reduces dramatically. Finally, we also perform regular SEO audits to assess our position and see where to go next.

With our SEO Oakville services in Rush Ventures, we’ve developed a fantastic working style that seems to work well with all companies. Compared to other services, we don’t use a one-size-fits-all approach but instead a personalized approach depending on what your business needs. However, we have a system that always seems to encourage progress and it requires constant evaluation and revision.

If we were to make changes and then not measure the effectiveness of our changes, we couldn’t possibly know whether it worked or not. Therefore, we would be making changes in the dark, introducing processes that didn’t work, and even removing content that was working really well. With Rush Ventures, you get a service that continually measures, evaluates, and revises.


What’s the difference in performance between one week ago and now? What metrics can we use to assess the areas of change?


Have our changes had an impact? Has our intervention had a positive effect on the brand? Have we moved closer to our goals as a team?


If changes are required, how do we make it happen? If performance is positive, how do we ensure continual progress? How do we get to our goals even faster?

By following this process, we’re always measuring performance, evaluating the good and bad aspects of what we’re doing, and then making revisions to optimize even further. Regardless of your industry and regardless of the size of your business, this is a three-step process that works and we would love to help your business today!

At Rush Ventures SEO Oakville, we’re more than just a service to add some keywords to your content. Today, we can help in a plethora of different ways including site structure, inbound links, outbound links, original images, domain name, links from social media, social media engagement, authority site links, and extensive analytics assessment. Even if you need help using social media in the right way, our advice could set you apart from the competition this year.

With our SEO Oakville service, we have a hard-working team and we believe this lays the foundations for everything else. Why? Because they’re qualified, trained, experienced, and, perhaps most importantly, passionate about what they do on a daily basis. With specialized employees all working in different areas, the idea is to boost your whole brand as opposed to just one part of it. As you start to get more exposure, more customers come your way and you can start to grab hold of your growing portion of the market.

If you want to climb the rankings on Google and have your business show when people in Oakville look for a business of your type, we can be your solution. While we focus on brand exposure and stick to the culture you’ve built with the brand, you can focus on the day-to-day running of the business, keeping customers happy, and making sure your new customers become long-term partners. By working together, we can achieve anything and it starts with a phone call or email today!

Give us a call today to see how Rush Ventures can help you!

Give us a call today to see how Rush Ventures can help you!

If you would like any more information or if you have any questions, we have experts waiting at the other end of the line.