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Rush Ventures’ platforms and solutions are highly efficient and deeply effective at delivering results to support increased ranking, traffic, lead, and revenue targets. By combining automation with SEO expertise, Rush Ventures leverages in-house writers and strategists to address Google’s demand for site topical authority based on data to achieve first-page rankings. It is this unbeatable combination of technology and the unparalleled depth of knowledge of our strategists that delivers exceptional results, setting us apart from companies that rely exclusively on automation.

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Our SEO Process

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01. Competitive Analysis

Decades of experience inform the way we approach SEO campaigns. We know that keyword or topic targeting is the most important component of any campaign. Without a sharp focus on the best keywords, your site will be optimized but ultimately ill-defined. There are many companies just like yours competing with you online. But with our discerning eye and unmatched SEO knowledge, we can set your business apart.

We can help you rank higher than ever before using the keywords that are most relevant to your products, services and any common question a potential client might use to describe you. We will conduct in-depth keyword data research to create a targeted and achievable list of topics that we will then use to drive organic traffic and increase conversion rates.

02. Optimization

Your online persona reflects your website and any other social media touchpoints prospective customers may come across. Therefore, each of these touchpoints must be carefully curated to create a consistent, on-brand experience. Rush Ventures specializes in just this. We guide the structural, content and navigation design of your website while seamlessly integrating each social profile and touchpoint to ensure your company is well-represented at every turn.

Further, Rush Ventures takes on-page SEO to a new level. While every SEO company implements on-page SEO to help Google and other major search engines index your website, we use the typical meta, heading and content changes to achieve top-notch SEO, as well as the “local answer technique,” “authority out-linking” and “image-mention” to give your webpages the most relevance.

03. Link Building

04. Content Development

New clients often wonder about the importance of producing content, with many believing that it’s more trouble than it’s worth. If you want to rank high on search engines like Google, your website needs to be publishing content on the regular. Why? Because now more than ever, since the most recent Google Helpful Content update, your website needs to have insight driven authoritative content. 

A major part of content development is keyword breadth. Unlike keyword ranking, which is a measure of where your web pages rank for particular keywords, keyword breadth measures the number of distinct relevant keywords you rank for. In reality, keyword breadth is a more important metric as a client with only ten #1 rankings for relevant terms will not drive the same traffic as a client with a keyword breadth in the thousands plus those top rankings.

We Will Increase Your Company's ROI

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"From the first month that our partnership with Rush Ventures began, their unique approach has made a noticeable difference in my business’s growth. Their unwavering dedication and unmatched expertise are what sets them apart from all other digital marketing agencies. Their modern and data-driven approach to digital marketing has garnered some truly impressive results. Ultimately, Rush Ventures completely transformed our marketing strategy by introducing creative, proven SEO, paid ad, and analytics solutions, and I cannot recommend them enough."

– Leslie Kellen

"I’ve worked with Rush Ventures on many projects, and they have never failed to deliver exactly what they promised - and more. They go above and beyond, exceeding my objectives and expectations, and are my agency of choice when colleagues ask for a referral. The sophistication of their methodologies and supporting processes coupled with their depth of maturity of domain expertise are what keep me coming back."

Ami Moyal

"As our long-term agency partner, we can say with complete confidence that we truly consider the team at Rush Ventures to be extraordinary. They mean it when they say they become your business’s internal marketing team. They are truly a “plug and play” agency, and we couldn’t be happier with the results their team has achieved for us. From SEO to SEM solutions, I am confident in their ability to facilitate growth, turn challenges into results, and convert leads for any company."

Gavin Lobo 

05. Brand PR

Branding is an important tool in the current age of Google’s algorithms. A robust, established brand is a strong trust signal for major search engines, allowing brands that invest in this aspect of digital marketing to rank higher in search results. We work with your firm to generate topics that align with your brand and its link building needs. Then we take those ideas and work with veteran content writers to add your brand’s unique voice to every piece of content we produce. Imagine a quote from your business published in Forbes or HuffPost. 

06. Interviewing for Content

Early on we learned that quality content is nearly impossible to get from an outside writer. Instead, it needs to come from established writers within your industry, and that’s what we offer. We excel at creating professional, on-brand content with a message that reflects your business goals. We devised an innovative solution using a “content-stretch” technique for video and audio interviews that involves using a 15-minute professional interview to produce a video for YouTube, audio for Apple podcasting, and 3,500 words of text pulled from the interview.

07. Campaign Measurement & Refinement

Our SEO Approach

The Rush Ventures approach gives your SEO campaign a true competitive edge

Set Objectives

We take the time to understand your unique SEO goals before setting clear objectives that speak to both Google and your target consumer.


Research is a crucial element of our SEO Solutions. We conduct comprehensive keyword research, audience-building research, and competitor research to help your web pages rank higher than ever before.


The execution phase is next, where we take our extensive research and build a successful SEO campaign tailored to your business. This phase also involves laying out a foundation for testing to facilitate the next phase.

Optimization & Data Analytics

The final Rush Ventures touch? In the optimization phase, during which we use concrete testing data to optimize and develop more effective SEO campaigns to improve overall performance!

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