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We’ll teach you exactly what you need to know to bring your website to the first page of Google. We won’t waste your time with needless filler. Rush Ventures will give you what you came for…a high quality, information-filled session with plenty of hands-on experience.


At our workshops, we don’t just teach theory. We give you a hands-on experience that you will remember. Rush Ventures will show you, step by step, exactly what you will need to do to market online. You’ll be amazed by all that you learn at this event.


The methods that we teach are the same methods that we use to ensure that our clients are ranked on the first page of Google. We’ve worked with many techniques in the past, and we know what works best. We are excited to pass this knowledge on to you, so that you can find the same success as our clients!


We don’t want to waste your time. We want you to be able to apply all that you learn in our workshop to your own business. For that reason, we use real case studies in our workshop. These examples, taken from our own clients, provide you with real world situations and results. You’ll find these case studies not only informative, but inspiring!


All of our classes are taught in the heart of Toronto. We’re located where you are, in the city that you love. Don’t worry about coming to us. We bring the learning to you!


It’s easy to feel lost in large conferences, when you are just one of many. That’s why we cap the enrolment of our classes. We want to make sure that each person attending the workshop gets the attention that they need. Asking questions, interacting with the presenter, and hands-on activities are some of the benefits of small group learning that you will experience at workshops by Rush Ventures.

What You'll Learn Be prepared for a full day intensive workshop that teaches you everything you need to know about SEO
Every business wants to be on the first page of Google. However, not many people fully understand what that means. We’ll start by going over the basics of SEO, and we will teach you what that means on a deeper level.
The differences between organic rankings on Google and the paid results that show up in a search can be confusing. We’ll explain the differences, benefits, and hindrances of each. We will also debunk some common myths, and clear away misconceptions of each.
Which keywords should you pick to take you to the first page of Google? We will show you how to find the right keywords for your business, and we’ll even teach you how to find the keywords that your competition is using to rise in rank.
One of the most important parts of any SEO project is ensuring that your website is properly optimized for search engines. We will show you how search engines “crawl” your website, as well as how to use that to your advantage. We will also show you how to make your website will show up properly in search engines.
Setting up and using the right analytics programs is a vital procedure for any website. But once we have a program, such as Google Analytics, what does all of the data really mean? We’ll show you which analytics programs to set up, and how helpful they can be to your business.
What is your competition doing online? Understanding and duplicating what your competitors are doing is one of the best ways to increase your website’s traffic, search engine rankings, and sales. We’ll teach you how to see exactly what your competitors are doing online, so you can do it better!
One of the most important components of any search engine optimization campaigns is the link acquisition strategy. We will show you how to build and acquire the right types of links, as well as how to stay away from the wrong types.
Using the Google sheets that we provide, we will finish off the workshop by explaining how to map out an SEO project before you get started. Ranking a website can be a daunting task, but by getting started correctly you will save countless hours of your time.

Meet your instructor

Ari Rush is the president and founder of Rush Ventures, a full service digital agency offering web development skills, paid marketing, and SEO services to businesses. Rush is the former owner of a successful social media marketing company that fostered over 1,000 clients. This entrepreneur also founded and owned a marketing company that helped over 1,500 customers to generate online traffic. In addition, Rush also founded an online telecom firm, which was ultimately sold at a profit to a larger company.

Ari Rush - Rush Ventures Toronto

Ari Rush


Join us for an SEO workshop unlike any other

Our full day SEO workshops are different than any other SEO class that you may have taken in the past. We teach you using our own clients’ case studies. You will leave our workshop knowing more about SEO than most people who work at ad agencies know.



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