Strategic Investment Audits

Assisting high-growth firms looking to acquire or invest in digital assets.

Analyzing Acquired Digital Assets

Our unique approach for analyzing digital assets is focused on ensuring these acquiring digital assets continue to perform as well if not better post acquisition. We analyze these digital assets in particular looking at the “digital value” of these digital assets to determine what would be the best approach for increasing the value of these website post acquisition or investment. 

Consolidating Digital Assets

We specialize in seamlessly merging digital assets post-acquisition to ensure the integrity of both the acquired website and your primary website. Our primary aim is for both assets to remain intact throughout the transition process and to safeguard against a decline in leads because of the merger. We evaluate factors such as the website’s organic performance on Google and the effectiveness of its ad campaigns to ensure there is no drop in performance as the websites merge.

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Strategic Investment Audit Process

We have the resources and expertise to assist high-growth firms that are looking to acquire or invest in digital assets. Our comprehensive digital due diligence involves an audit process that sees us getting to the bottom of the following key questions.

Ensuring acquired websites increase in Google Rankings post-acquisition

Consolidating multiple websites into one while ensuring Google rankings are not impacted

Identifying how dependent company revenue is on the website being ranked on the first page

Determining the upside opportunities if Google rankings improve

Evaluating current spend on SEO and SEM for their ability to yield a positive marketing margin

SWOT Assessments of the internal SEM and SEO teams to determine experience level